Bigg Boss 11; enjoy the new season

Entertainment is very important part of our lives. we have many different ways available to us to make fun use of our time and T.V is one of them. Many people are drifting away from watching T.V regularly because we do not find many quality programs that have the ability to keep the fans put and attached to the programs in the long run! This does not mean that there is none whatsoever! One big example of a hit show that has been the Bigg Boss and it has able to capture and captivate its fans for 10 long seasons. The Bigg Boss 11 is the new hype these days among Indian show fans and the fans do not seem tired of the show at all! The ranking is still really good and the fans are enjoying every move of the contestants.

The Bigg Boss 11 like all the other seasons of the program will be a contest of nerves of its contestants. The contestants are the housemates under the absent god who goes by the name of Bigg Boss and interacts only through the voice. The inmates are to be chosen form the media personalities and only one odd choice will be there. The odd one usually has the most pressure. The inmates are totally cut off from the outside world and this means that pressure will be totally internal like steam in a pressure cooker. The contestants have the simple task of surviving in the house in a manner that is agreeable in general as the contestants will have to vote each week against one person who must leave the house. The one who gets the most votes is the one who leaves the house that week. As simple, as it seems the show tests the nerves of the contestants in the most subtle yet in the most demanding way possible!