Cambridge Ontario, Houses, Average Prices

There is a mixture of high-rise and low-rise 17 new home developments available in Cambridge which include planned, under construction and complete development. There are 7 town house developments and 7 single home developments are available in Cambridge. For a low-rise home the median price per square is $349. Greentown Developments is the most active developer in the Cambridge.
Why one should think about? the reason is simple everything that one needs for his comfort and entertainment is available here like Grand River Woods is located nearby downtown Cambridge. No worries about education or fun because elementary schools, secondary schools and Conestoga College are located at a few minutes distance. You can also find market and entertainment places in Cambridge. If you want a place where you can go and spend time for your peace of mind then you have good news there is amazing Grand River landscape with forestlands, bald eagle habitats surrounding community, luxurious family homes will be there in your scenery.
Houses price in Cambridge:
Despite of little decrease in sale of houses in Cambridge year over year, house price is increasing continuously. Average listing price of Cambridge houses in 2019 is $701,549. While in August 2018 average price for house was $6959,513. Dollar value of all homes was recorded $74 million this august, which is down upto 7.1 % from same month in 2018. In 2019 between January and end of july , 1230 homes were sold in market. This was down by 26.7% from the august 2018.
Real Estate Market:
429 new homes constructed in the Cambridge with the price of $83.4 million in 2019. Out of these, detached houses for sale in Cambridge have a median of $394,900. If we compare the average prices of Cambridge and Ontario than the average price of Cambridge is cheaper than Ontario. Talking about types of homes and rententing facilities available here let’s discusses them:
This area tends to have older homes. Mostly people have their own homes in this area but many are living here on rent. This area have variety of residencies like many are detached homes some are condominiums and some are single family homes.
This area also provides many single family homes and detached homes. As compared to Galt less people are on rent here and all other have their own houses. You can find older as well as new homes which are affordable comparatively to other areas.
This are provides condominiums, single-family, multi family homes, apartments, condos and detached homes as well. People living here have their own houses and some of them are on rent.
Greenway-Chaplin and Fiddlessticks:
In these areas one can find a mixture of old and new houses. Single-family, detached houses, apartments and town houses are available here. very few people are on rent hare and many of them are those who own their homes.


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