All you need to know about home value

value of home, simply put is how much your home is worth. And in some other way, it is the price you decide to sell your home. Some of the factors that determines the home value estimate, is the first the location of your home and also the kind of home , in some cases, the age of the house can also have an influence in the house and the furnishing of the house. This factors are what are used by home agents to give you’re a full appraisal on the value of your home. Nevertheless, even when this is decided, you still hold the final decision on what you want your house to be sold for. The buyers might have a bargaining power, depending on how urgent you need the sale, but if it is a juicy sale, then you would probably have so many options of buyers to choose from.

The location of your home is one major factor that largely determines your home value, before any other factor comes in. If your home is in a major city then you would now that the price would be naturally high and you might have more buy options that when your home is in a suburb area or even a rural area. Even if there are other reasons that makes a property around a certain location seem like a huge buy but in a normal case scenario, the further it is from town the more the price is likely to be lower than the one in an urban area.

Because location is static, the price of homes in certain areas already tells what your home value would look like. Another factor that makes a difference is the kind of home in that area. The number of rooms and kind of home can also influence the price of the house. Using home value estimator makes it easy for you to get this information easily.

Why it is illegal to misrepresent the advertised price

When you decide you want to sell your house, you will have to put a price for the house in order to attract offers from we buy houses agencies. This is the price you will use when marketing or advertising the house. This price can be set by you or by your real estate agent. Note that when putting an advertised priced, it is illegal for you or your agent to advertise or quote a figure that is less than the asking price, the reserve price, range or the estimated selling price as determined by your real estate agent in an authority to sell the house.

Before you advertise the house for sale or use an agent to advertise the house, the agent is required by law to ask the homeowner to approve in writing that all offers made for the house will be considered at the advertised price. In addition, the agent is required to ensure that the homeowner approves the advertised price or to confirm that the price is within the range of the advertised price. Advertising a house must not be deceptive or misleading just to sell house fast. It is illegal for a homeowner or real estate agent to misrepresent a house, including its location and features when marketing it.
Deceptive or misleading advertisement of a house, whether in writing or verbally and on photographs is generally illegal. If you want to know how to sell your house fast by properly following the law, you should ensure that any information given to you by your real estate agent about the house is up to date and factual. Whether this information is posted online or spread through posters, brochures and in local newspaper ads, ensure that it is accurate. Improper conduct when selling your house could lead to heavy fines, which can ultimately hurt your efforts of selling the house fast.
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