Cryptocurrency Research: Why Is NEO a sleeping giant? Neo (Antshares) Updates!

Hi Steemians, I’ve found so many fascinating information about the chinese cryptocurrency “NEO (Antshares)” and I wish to discuss some new researches together with you.
On Youtube there are already numerous videos about NEO (Antshares), also it’s still a very new coin and several of the old coins still don’t have a lot of social media action.

Latest News Update roughly NEOIn the moment NEO is preparing for an update to NEO 2.0 on August 8th that will make its Neo VM available to programmers. That’s why there’s already a large run on NEO and I think that it will continue following the update. Perhaps there’ll be a brief dump-period following the update, but the coin worth will continue to grow. (My personal view.)
Why is NEO (Antshares) so intriguing and why would they already have a lot of support?
This has different reasons, but I believe a few of the most essential truth is that Neo Web Wallet comes with an official collaboration with Microsoft and this is actually exceptional for a blockchain company! In my previous article “Cryptocurrency Info: Interview with Neo (Antshares) co-founder Da HongFei!” You are able to get an interview with all the co-founder Da HongFei, where he affirms that the rumors concerning the official collaboration.