ECigarette User Guide

It requires 3 parts to get your electronic cigarette work; the battery, the atomizer and the ejuice.

To start off you will need to have a completely charged battery to get the most. We recommend that you charge you re cig battery for a minimum of 10 hours so it’s time to reach full capability, yet this may change according to which battery you’re using, when your electronic cigarette arrives. You might be using your battery often and after fully charged, a charge of 2-4 hours will be adequate to ensure you’re getting a quality vape.

How will I know when my battery is completely charged?

Each of our electronic cigarettes comes with an USB charger that you can either plug into your computer/notebook or a wall adapter. The USB charger has a light which will indicate if your electronic cigarette isn’t full charged (reddish) or it’s completely charged (green).

You’re prepared to use your e cig once the battery is completely charged. You should assemble your apparatus before using. Your apparatus will arrive in its assembled state, so you’ll just reassemble if you’ve purchased your e cig from us. If you haven’t, you just need to screw the battery back onto your atomizer.

So at this point you have a working e cig but no e liquid. The eliquid is the part of the e cigarette that gets pulled through the atomizer to create the smoke like vapour that’s ill-famed with electronic cigarettes . Selecting which e flavor that is liquid to use is a selection that is very personal, so we’ve created a variety of flavors to suit every taste. Click here to browse our range of e flavors that are liquid.

Ok. So I picked my e liquid, but how do I use it and have got my electronic cigarette?

Firs t of whatever you should fill the outer chamber of the atomizer tank with e liquid. This procedure takes a matter of seconds and really is easy. Just unscrew the tank in the atomizer, choose your e liquid until you reach the top filling line and pour into the outer chamber. Tend not to fill above this line as the e liquid will leak into the interior chamber. After complete, the tank that is screw back onto the atomizer and you might be prepared to begin vaping.

Now your e cig is full of ejuice you are able to begin vaping and completely charged. The e cigarette lectronic works in a manner that is very similar to your own conventional tobacco cigarette, but with one little difference. Put it in the mouth area and inhale as you happen to be all conscious, with a conventional cigarette you light it. With your electronic cigarette, as you inhale you’ll need to press the power button on the battery to activate the atomizer which will vaporize the eliquid there you’ve got it and as you inhale, you’re now an experienced vaper!

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