Everything to Know About Duratrans Material

duratrans is a short name given to EnduraTransparency Technique, developed by Kodak Company in 1979. It is the best option for printing pictures today, due to its transparent effects which enhances the picture and the color sharply. Today this material is used for by print media for many purposes.

Why is Duratrans preferred?
The high-qualityDuratrans is used due to the following reasons;
• The material has higher resolution as compared to other print media. It is great for creating large outdoor signage.
• The ultraviolet rays on outdoor signage lead to color fading. However, Duratrans are durable and resists the harmful rays. The prints done on this material stays longer as compared to other cheap materials.
• They are able to block lights and have great opacity to lighting beams. They block the light and highlight every colorin the graphic.
• It captures dots per inch thus giving out the beautiful illuminated picture.
• Due to high pixels and resolutions, it produces high-quality prints with great contrast. The pictures have sharp images.

Points to note about the material
• The material is expensive. Thus, it requires high professional skill to print on the Dura material.
• It takes almost 2-4 days to print signage sized Dura material. However, a skilled professional can accomplish it in one day itself.
• The duratrans are restricted to the use of blacklists. Withoutbacklights, it does not give desired quality to the picture.
• Due to the high cost, it is best to decide whether you want a long-termbillboard or want to change it every month. While using Duratrans, you mustconsider a long-term project only.
Places where Dura is used
• Durtrans is highly used for public display advertisement purpose
• Most superstores and shopping centers have illuminated pictures of prevailing products and offers.
• It is used in airports as a wayfinding billboard
• Duratrans is highly used as a background behind TV anchors to illuminate city landscapes r company logo.