How to use Glue (מדביק) for beauty

Most women love to look and feel good about themselves. They go to great lengths and spend lots of money in order to make this happen. You do not have to break an arm and a leg in order to appear glamorous. It would be amazing to learn that they can save that cash for something else by using readily available דבק (Glue) to come up with quick fixes. You can use it on hair by putting a temporary highlight for that special occasion. The process is simple meaning you only need some glue and food color. You may decide to add some glitter in order to give your hair that shiny look. Mix the right proportion and apply on different parts of your hair to give it a unique look. Once done with the day, you can wash it off with warm water and shampoo your hair as normal. This simple procedure makes you stand out from the crowd. Other uses include,

• nails
• heal paper cuts
• remove black heads
• fix shoes

Enjoy the easy fixes

You have an opportunity to use a specific kind of epoxy (חזק)to give your nails a different look. Combine it with nail polish and use different colors in order to come up with a unique pattern for your fingernails. It is interesting how you can use adhesive (דבק) to relieve paper cut pain. Use a drop on the cut area and let it dry out. This seals the area ensuring that no dirt come in to contaminate the cut and eases the pain in an instant. People with black heads have a chance to enjoy smooth and clear skin. Ensure that you do not use strong adhesive(דבקים)as this may end up damaging your skin. Look for the right measurement to guide you into making skin friendly pastes (דבק,דבקאפוקסי).