Leverage Edu, an example of educational technology growth

Did you know that there is an automatic learning technique that can help you find the best university proposal to continue your academic studies? It seems incredible, and it is already here as a great tooled that has been launched by Akhsay Chaturvedi and Rajiv Ganjoo to help thousands of aspiring university students in India since 2017. And it is that both have decided to bet on the motor that moves in reality to the advanced societies of the world, education.

Leverage Edu is the leading provider of specialized services to connect aspirants with a large number of university programs, making them match their skills, talents, and abilities to ensure success during the development of their careers.

Many universities around the world are in constant search for new talent, offering some incentives and services that allow them to attract a significant number of applicants and Leverage Edu has managed to provide the highest standards in guidance and preparation service to students of India that meet the necessary conditions thus favoring their opportunities to access these university programs.In Leverage Edu many students find the guidance they need to make the best decisions before various offers of studies, helping them to identify their potential, studying their profiles and particular characteristics to be located in the university career where they will be more likely to stand out and achieve the desired success.

For many young people and teenagers who have just finished their high school studies, it is difficult to make such important decisions for their future life on their own, in Leverage we understand these weaknesses and we work with a specialized team in each professional area to provide all the support, the confidence and the security that young people need to plunge the great challenges of their future academic life in the university.In India, the technology of education has experienced exponential growth in recent years, and the human resource must provide the added value and protagonist to continue these advances.