Oil Lubricants for intercourse

Hi there, didn’t had that best intercourse experience yet? Are you still unsatisfied? Can’t find a proper Lubricant which would light up your sex life? Well don’t worry you are at right place, we have all type of lubricant of each brand which will heat up your experience!

Lubricant is basically a gel or oil which helps you in reducing friction between body parts during an intercourse. It is recommended to use a lubricant even if you are not dry as it enhances the experience and will help in in getting more pleasure. There are lots of types of lubricants and you can any one of the which suits your body the most e.g. water-based, oil-based, silicon-based.

Oil based lubricants are best for women who have experienced the rough and dry sex. The sex experience can be good when done with this lubricant. But if you are using condoms you would not want to use these lubricants. Condoms might slip off because of the oil based lubricants. So, you can consider water based or other type of lubricants.

Oil based lubricants are not recommended if you are trying anal sex. Don’t try with condoms. They can seep into the skin pores causing cut or bleeding. The reaction of oil based can be bad also. The irritation is not good for a good experience. Oil based is good if you are in committed relationship and don’t want to use condoms. They are best for having a smooth sex.

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