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We have all dreamed of living another life to forget the suffering of this and have everything we want, have money, wealth and others, to do whatever we want without restrictions, of course, this is just an idea, you cannot have a second life, or? Because the reality is that if we can, we can live adventures, have a family, be a rock star or whatever you want but where? How? Because entering EPISODE you can do it, EPISODE is a roll game that lets you drive through different scenarios of life, but based on a story created by you, without an administrator that gives you a story, in EPISODE the being whoever you want, it’s easy, you do not need to have keys or anything like that and everything you buy with gems assigned to you in EPISODE, so it’s free and if you want to have many more gems you can have them, just ask as in the main website of EPISODE, there are no risks because it is a very safe site.

EPISODE is excellent but these questions may arise, very well, but what if I want to continue playing without being at home?, What if I want to connect late at night?, well these questions only have an answer and is “do it”, EPISODE is a game created for Android and IOS platforms, which are platforms for Tablets phones and other mobile devices, so you can access whenever and wherever you want, without worrying about the server.
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