Question-related to DUI attorney – A small guide to learn the basics

If the person’s blood alcohol content exceeds the legal level between 0.05% and 0.08%, he can be convicted. Going to a court to face such trials without a Boise DUI attorneyis not advisable. Several questions arise in the mind of first-timers about hiring a DUI attorney. Is he worth the money spent? How long will the trial take? Can DUI be reduced?

The article answers all the above questions
Can a DUI case be dismissed?
If the judge suppresses evidence, a DUI case is dismissed. This means the prosecution cannot use the evidence against the defendant.
Can a person plead down a DUI?
Every DUI defendant is offered a plea bargain. A defendant can plead guilty or no contest to a charge against him. He faces the trial if he doesn’t take the bargain.
What is a plea bargain?
It is a practice in law where an agreement is reached between the prosecution and defence. The defendant pleads guilty for lenient sentencing. The decision to take a plea bargain or face the trial can be taken only by the legal expert like a Boise DUI attorney.
How to find a good DUI lawyer
Many DUI lawyers schedule free consultations. Check on his success records before hiring a Boise DUI attorney. Fix a couple of face to face meeting with him. Make sure if he is reachable and communicable all the time. A good lawyer asks many questions and does not charges his consultation fees immediately. This is because the charges of the case can be decided only after the prosecution begins.
What are the average charges of a DUI lawyer?
DUI attorney charge somewhere around $750 and $1,500.
Can a first DUI offence be dismissed?
There are 70% chances for the first offence to be dismissed. However, it depends on the damages caused and the proofs with the officers.