Just follow the instructions hide tv cables and show a clean wall

If you want to concealed wires in wall that remain hanging behind your flat screen TV and that cause discomfort before the eyesight. Our website, through its link http://www.hidetvwires.com/ you will have at hand the information you need to acquire the kit that will help you with this discomfort. And the best thing of all is that it does not require to hire electricians to do the installation of conduits and wiring, but you will do it yourself and it will look as if it had been done by a professional in the area.

By using this kit you will be able to hide tv wires in an easy, fast and comfortable way, without having to look for professionals who will surely try to charge you high costs for the labor you can do yourself. A clean wall with no hanging cables was the main goal that the creators of the flat screen TV set out to do and now it can be. By simply using the appropriate equipment as a saw to open two rectangular holes in which to place the power boxes they need to make the connections of your TV.
As already mentioned before, the main feature of the installation kit is how easy, fast and comfortable the installation is, it also offers an organizer for the cables, it does not have to walk at the last minute looking for the pieces because they are all there included, is accompanied by an impressive poster of instructions for an efficient installation, contains standard parts of the industry which can be replaced without problems when necessary and can be found in the hardware store of your choice and at the end will have an incredible appearance and professional finish with hide tv wires. Visit our website and ask us for the information you like to clarify any doubt that is relevant, our contact team is always ready to offer you and provide the best possible service.