The exciting non-linear open world of Minecraft

Today there are many options in game apps. If you are searching for excitement, head straight to Minecraft. This Sandbox game is fast gaining popularity. With nonlinear game play, Sandbox games are the in thing amongst avid gamers. Open world games allow the gamer to roam around freely in the environment, though virtual. There is no clear linear level and no game plan as to how to begin and where to go. Open games are designed such that it gives the player extreme freedom to develop one’s own strategy and freedom to maneuver the game to its climax not following any stringent game level or path. He can choose his own game level.

Minecraft is an interesting and enticing sandbox construction or building game that was released in the 2011. The game was conceptualized and created by Markus Persson. There are many versions of the game and the company Mojang is still studying and working on various new developments in the game. You can play Minecraft for free by downloading the game from the internet. Minecraft requires the player to build a structure of any geometrical shape. He can use cubes or blocks of various shapes and size to construct his structure or building, till the night falls. At nights the monsters emerge. The structures need to be erected before the monsters come out as the player can seek shelter behind his walls.

The player can choose to play Minecraft two modes, which are Classic and Beta. The Classic mode is also the creative mode, which is the basic mode. In this elementary mode the player only deals with construction. The Beta mode is the survival mode. It is more advanced mode where there are enemies and monsters that emerge in the night to destroy your buildings and eat you or break your bones. Download minecraft free which is available in both single player and multiplayer options.