Connie Angland’s Wiki: Age, Married, Family, Net Worth, Daughter, Born

You want to know more about Connie Angland’s Wiki: age, married, family, net worth, daughter, born? Born on the 22nd of October, 1964, in the USA; Connie Angland has made her life a bright one. So, who is Connie? She is a special effects artist and an actress. She is known more for the special effects she did in “Men in Black” in the year 1997. She is famous as well for her connection with Billy Bob Thornton, which later ended up in a union. Since the 1990s, she has been very active in this industry. This makes her a household name.

Wealth from the passion in special effects
So, how much money does Connie Angland have? Sources have estimated her net worth to be more than 5 million dollars. This money has been raised through her passion and roles in the entertainment industry. She has been involved in other famous movies in the area of special effects. She has also had some few acting jobs completed too. Her net worth and wealth in general doesn’t end here. There will definitely be an increase since that is what makes the difference as it should be. This will also help to increase her worth, which is good.
Connie’s union to Billy Bob Thornton
Twelve months after “Men in Black II”, Connie was engaged to work on the “Bad Santa” set. The Coen Brothers were executive producers of this movie. The movie started Billy Bob Thornton, John Ritter and Lauren Graham. In fact, this was the last motion film appearance of Ritter before he died. It was on this film set that Connie and Billy met. From there, they dated and had their daughter in the year 2004. They continued dating and had their daughter raised till the year 2014 when they got married in secret. After a month when they got married in secret, they announced it to the world. Connie is 10 years younger than Billy. However, that hasn’t affected their relationship in any way. Connie, her husband and daughter do not keep flashy social media site handles. They keep to their privacy and that is it.