Terms and Condition for renting Slingshot in Miami

slingshot rental in Miami is available for hourly and day basis. Below there are some list of requirements to be followed for renting Slingshot or any vehicle in Miami. But all these requirements can change based on the policy of each renting services.

Requirement for renting Motorcycle

• Minimum age should be 21 years old

• Must have valid motorcycle license for driver

• Must have major credit card

What all is included in rental rate

• Unlimited miles and no hourly charge on selected models

• Use the vehicle for maximum 24hr

• Safety Equipment

Customer Orientation

If you are choosing slingshot rentals out then client must receive orientation. With client orientation all the aspect of safety gets covered, maintenance is client responsibilities, state and local laws.


Certain rental services provide storage facility for client luggage, tickets airline and keeps other valuables free of cost at clients risk.


The usage and cost of fuel depends on client responsibility. Polaris Slingshot rentals or any vehicles services are not responsible for fuel consumption or mileage. You need to prepay for the fuel and refuel should be done.

Additional Drivers

One additional driver is permitted for no cost charge.

Maintenance responsibility

Customer has to check the level of engine oil while each refueling and report any mechanical emergency. The instructions and procedures for vehicle maintenance expenses can be reimbursed are given from pickup. The customer is responsible for any mechanical damage because of negligence in operation of vehicles or providing normal maintenance.

Vehicle Substitution

Rental service allows substitute of vehicle after confirmation. They are able to provide similar vehicle or best model you want to their clients. It is the liability of rental services.

Security Deposit

Every rental service takes security deposit.