The Best Cloud Desktop Hosting Provider That Safeguards Your Data- DaaS

Smartphones are not the go to choice when doing heavy office work such as accounting in a spreadsheet software or even doing a minimalistic app through an app engine. According to the statistics provided by OIU, there are currently 3.8 billion online users around the world, that is pretty impressive considering the fact that almost half of the world population are connected to the big web. A smartphone’s capabilities are often over estimated- they are only capable of light processing works. If you need to do some serious then a desktop should be your go-to choice. This is because desktop has the capability of doing some heavy processing that no other commercial smartphone can do.

Ergo, DaaS or otherwise known as the Desktops as a Service is a company service provider that features desktop hosting solution which integrates mobile smartphones with powerful desktop for you to use anytime and anywhere. There is also a renowned company called CloudZen Service Provider which collaborates with DaaS as partners makes backups, anti-virus, software updates, rectify disaster recovery and also cloud desktop modifications. DaaS aims to have a functionality at global cloud-scale which serves as a benchmark in pioneering the cloud desktop hosting services.

Thus, instead of spending money on expensive hardware and software that may not be fully optimal for your work, our full digitalised cloud desktops provides the businesses flexibility to add or remove users when necessary. For customers who have subscribed to the payment plans and currently in doubt of the capability of the desktop hosting solution that daas provides, here is one of the possibilities that you can experience when using the service, the computer architecture brings an immersive and native user experience across a range of elements of devices such as a smartphone, laptop, windows PC, and Mac. Even on low-bandwidth mobile networks DaaS can Still function properly.