Tips and tricks of using AEDs

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The using of AEDs is very easy and a common person with the only desire to help and knows nothing about the thing can also use it. They are very safe and designed in a way so that they are user friendly. This is a life saving tool, every minute passing by can be the last chance of survival and we can’t take risk so AEDs can be quite handy.
The first stage of AEDs is to check the surrounding area is safe or not. You have to properly understand the surrounding. aeds uses electricity so that can be dangerous to the patient as well as the user who is giving it to him. The AEDs should be used carefully on the non-conductional surface or ground.
CPR is called as Compression per minute. You have to perform CPR. Make sure that you do it on the flat surface with proper impact on the chest. The pressure on the chest matters, it has to be 100 CPR. It should be performed till the person is shocked.
Defibrillator pads are the pads that used to make some sort of circuit. They are conductible pads. Make sure that the patients chest is bare and there is no hair. The pad should stick properly on the persons chest. These pads have to place between the heart. The right on the right chest on the nipples and the left below the heart on the rib cage. Then turn on the AEDs and that how it will work.