What are the procedures to count the 99 domino cards?

99 domino is the best game which can be played by the gamblers. This game is specially made to experiment your intelligence and the tactics. In this game, you can also experiment about how lucky you are on that day. The game is full of fun and realistic. You can earn lots of money through this game but if you don’t play well you can also lose your money. Before playing the game you should try to understand the tactics and the tricks to play this game.

How the cards of the 99 domino are counted?
After the playing, thisdomino game the cards are been counted. The procedures of counting the cards are from each and every player, the cards will be collected. After that, the dots which are present in the cards will be counted. You have to count each and every dots of each card.
After the dots are counted if the following result comes then only you will be the winner and they are:

• 99 is a card which is considered as the winner cards. After counting both the cards if you cards carry 99 number then you will be the winner.
• Secondly, if you have the big series of cards say 30 or 49. Then this will be considered as the big series card. This type of cards will not be present in anyone of the person.
• Thirdly after counting the dots if you have a total count of dots say 6 to 9. Then this will be the small series of cards. In this also you will win the game.
• Fourthly if you have the series of twin card say 666. Which no other person will have then you will be the winner.
What are the other cards present in the 99 domino?
As you also know that the total number of dots counted will value you the most. The other cards present in the 99 domino are:
• Royal hand
• Straight sixes
• Four of a kind
• Straight five
• Full horse