What features matter when you buy android or windows?

Whenever you go for buying android phone or windows system that can be laptop or computers there are some important points that need to be taken care of. People usually prefer to check the configuration of the android. They prefer to check the looks of the phone. But they rarely pay heed to the version of software. In android phones the most important thing is the android version that is more often ignored buy the people. People are unaware about the android version definitely. They don’t know the importance of choosing the best and the latest android version. They just prefer to go with the camera quality or storage capacity and much more. But it is very important for them to check and have the latest version of their phones. That is surely going to benefit them the most. Not only android phones hut when you talk about windows system also, you need to have an equal knowledge of the softwares also. There are people who buy the latest systems but still they don’t have the latest in built softwares and then they go for having the latest softwares at good programs (dobre programy) . No doubt dobre programyis the best way to get the latest softwares but it is very important for you to choose the best system initially.

Choosing the best in the start will definitely help you to get the best and durable system. If you are ignoring the versions of softwares then it is surely going to affect you a lot. You should not go like this. Getting the best and the latest softwares is the need of hour and you can simply not deny this. Therefore, when you are going to buy an electronic gadget or electronic device then the most important is its software that you should not ignore.